RWS Moravia

RWS Moravia is a Czech company devote to industries 4.0 which offers translation services adapted to the markets of each country, language localization and multilingual technology for large companies in the world. ACI Medellín received its representatives, who were interested in knowing the city as an investment destination to establish their second corporate facilities in Latin America.

After being a successful business model in Europe, China, and the United States, RWS Moravia opened a market in Latin America by arriving first in Argentina, and now explores its possibilities in Medellín.

Besides its headquarters in the Czech Republic, the company has offices in China, the West Coast of the United States, and Argentina. Also, they decided to widen up their area of influence, which is why they began a search process, looking for a city with economic stability, institutional support, a significant population, and talent in the areas of technology and languages.

“At the end, coming to Medellín was more attractive because it is a very well-connected city, it has the profiles we are looking for with skills in languages and English, but also, the ecosystem around the fourth industrial revolution. As an investor, this was an impressive reason when deciding to come here, it was one of the most important aspects for our decision,” says Katherine Berezowskyj, economic development manager of RWS Moravia.

Created in the 1990s in the Czech Republic, RWS Moravia has grown and expanded globally along with its customers, which are mainly large technology companies.

Currently, RWS Moravia is on a search for local talent of professionals with language skills and vast knowledge on technology and articulation with the actors that would help its installation in the short term. RWS Moravia expects to generate organic growth in Medellín through its performance in the city and by the hand of the supply and demand of its customers.

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