A delegation from the department of La Guajira, located in northern Colombia, visited the facilities of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín. Their purpose was to approach ACI Medellín’s work methodology, exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practices, as well as analyzing the possibility of replicating the ACI Medellín’s model in the newly created Agency in La Guajira.

The formulation, design and start-up of this entity were an initiative of the government of La Guajira which started since 2018. It started operating nearly two months ago and will focus on the attraction of cooperation and national and foreign investment.

“We are currently in a training process to learn about what we should and should not do in terms of best practices. La Guajira has several challenges and many objectives to be met. Which is why we want to learn from those who have more experience,” said Iván José Riveira, responsible for the execution of investment proposals in the Cooperation and Investment Agency of La Guajira.

On the other hand, the representative of the Departmental Administration of La Guajira, Eliécer Barros, said that cooperation contributors have been disjointedly working and separated from the Administration. “This is an initiative which seeks to regulate the actions of cooperation contributors to make them much more efficient. The department action is very limited due to its resources, for that reason, the idea is to learn how to do more with less.”

The visit of the delegation to Medellín is part of a round of meetings they will have with other investment promotion agencies around the country to learn the best lessons from each.

“After seeing the actions of ACI Medellín, I began to seize the tasks we have to do. We know it is a long way we are beginning, and we want to start with the best guide. In that sense, you are a national reference; In fact, the change of the image of Medellín has been the model to be followed by the country. Although, as a coastal region we have different dynamics, we want to learn to communicate and change a bit the image of the Colombian Caribbean region,” Barros said.

Funcionarios de la Guajira
Iván José Riveira and Eliécer Barros from the government of La Guajira, Colombia

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