Gestión de Cooperación Internacional

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín- manages and oversees international cooperation opportunities for public initiatives and programs of social impact.

According to the origin of the resources for international cooperation, there are six cooperation modes:

Decentralized cooperation: refers to the set of actions promoted by local and regional governments for the dynamization of cooperation. Usually, these are medium and long-term actions aimed at enhancing the development of the territory and, sometimes, with the direct participation of interested population groups.  

Horizontal cooperation (South-South): promotes the generation of positive agendas and exchange of knowledge and experiences among developing countries. This type of cooperation is horizontal and solidary, focused on supporting the priorities of the countries involved.

Vertical cooperation (North-South): it involves a developed country and another one developing or with a lower level. In this mode, technical or financial cooperation provided by official bodies (State, local governments, executing agencies) or private entities that promote economic and social development come into play. These on-reimbursable resources are destined for developing countries and multilateral institutions.

Triangular cooperation: a mixed modality of international cooperation. It combines traditional or vertical cooperation with horizontal cooperation to provide cooperation to a third developing country.

Private cooperation: it refers to the provision of technical or financial resources by the private sector to promote innovation, development, generation of employment, wealth, and to reduce poverty.

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