Igualdad de género y diversidad

Medellín, a territory for everyone, inclusive and friendly territory for the LGBTI population

Being part of the Rainbow Cities Latin American Network is a sign of the Antioquian capital’s interest and commitment to the elimination of discrimination and to achieving an inclusive and friendly territory for the LGBTI population, and safety for women … Read More
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Distrito Térmico de EPM Medellín

Thermal District: Green Infrastructure that Cares for the Air We Breathe in Medellín

EPM makes affordable and non-polluting energy available to the community through the La Alpujarra Thermal District, a pioneering project in Latin America to take care of the planet. “The first thermal district of Latin America is in Medellín,” “Medellín enters the … Read More
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Medellín, ciudad del aprendizaje

Medellín, A City for Learning

Visiting the Fiesta del Libro - Book Festival - and attending a talk by authors; enrolling a child in the program of comprehensive childhood care Buen Comienzo; taking advantage of the benefits of information and communications technologies in a public … Read More
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Centro para la Cuarta Revolución Colombia

ACI Medellín was key for the establishment of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Colombia

The internationalization of Medellin involves the construction of relationships and contacts with various entities around the world to positively activate the progress of the city. It is when ACI Medellín acquires a relevant value as a strategic organization for the … Read More

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Huertas urbanas y rurales

Urban and rural kitchen gardens are an alternative in Medellín to increase food security

Home grown crop Every morning, Mr. Mario Pimienta finds motivation to get up early. He takes care of his cilantro, paprika, lettuce, chard and radish plants with the same devotion as he cares for his grandchildren or his family. It … Read More

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Mayor Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga on Citizen Participation: WCS 2018 Interview

Mayor Federico Gutiérrez shares about the importance of citizen participation, the city’s social transformation and hosting the upcoming WCS Mayors Forum 2019 in Medellin.

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Paseo Bolivar, Medellín

A legal, equitable and inclusive Medellín

By Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga Medellín is a fascinating city. Precisely, what makes our present so valuable is our past. After living through terrible episodes of fear and violence in the 80s and 90s, our society learned how to rebuild itself … Read More

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Aporte de Medellín a la Agenda 2030

Our Contribution to the Achievement of the 2030 Agenda

Of the 231 indicators within the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – and the 200 outcome indicators that are part of the Medellín Cuenta con vos (Medellín Counts on You) 2016-2019” Development Plan, there are two indicators that are fundamental … Read More

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RoboRAVE entrega premio internacional en robótica a estudiantes de Medellín

RoboRAVE International awards students from Medellín

Four students and a teacher from the Santa María Educational Institution were awarded by RoboRAVE in the Line Following category 2018, in Badajoz, Spain  The winners are part of the Complementary Education program for the educational strengthening of the Medellín Mayor’s … Read More

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Medellín tiene condiciones favorables para lograr emprendimientos

Medellín has favorable conditions to achieve high-impact ventures in Latin America

In line with Medellín’s goal of joining the top-three most entrepreneurial cities and becoming the capital of innovation in Latin America by 2023, a study about the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city was carried out by the Medellín Mayor’s Office, … Read More

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Distrito Creativo de Medellín Perpetuo Socorro

Medellín Works to Boost Orange Economy

Orange Economy refers to all those economic activities related to the cultural industry, art, and creativity. In a stricter definition: “It is the set of activities that, linked, allow ideas to be transformed into cultural goods and services, whose value … Read More

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La Red C40 prestará apoyo técnico al Plan de Acción Climático de Medellín

The C40 Network will Provide Technical Support to Medellín’s Climate Action Plan

Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, Mayor of Medellín, accompanied by Manuel Olivera, regional director for Latin America of C40 presented the planning framework to develop the Climate Action Plan of Medellín to the members of the Metropolitan Environmental Council – CAM. This … Read More

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Gestión de Cooperación Internacional

ACI Medellín Works in Six Lines of International Cooperation

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín- manages and oversees international cooperation opportunities for public initiatives and programs of social impact. According to the origin of the resources for international cooperation, there … Read More

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Cooperación en Medellín

The Public Policy for International Cooperation, a roadmap towards development

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín carried out the lectures: “Let’s talk about the public policy of international cooperation in Medellín.” More than 14 civil society organizations attended the conference on “Public … Read More

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Rutas aéreas internacionales de Medellín

Two new direct Air Routes connect Medellín and North America

Starting in November, Orlando (United States) and Cancun (Mexico) join the international air routes that bring Medellín closer to the world and strengthen bilateral tourism. The city already has 22 national and 12 international air routes. “Greater air connectivity increases … Read More

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Medellín será la sede de la 49 Asamblea General de la OEA

Medellín will host the 49th OAS General Assembly

For the second time, Medellín is chosen to host the General Assembly of the Organization of American States – OAS. The decision was made by Resolution of that same entity, after Colombia stated its intention to host the meeting between … Read More

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Memoria y reflexión en Medellín

Medellín Builds a new Future

Although Medellín has opened other public calls which have earned it worldwide recognition for its social and urban progress, this architectural design contest symbolizes not only transformation but the beginning of a space for memory, reflection, and reconciliation. On October … Read More

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Mercados campesinos una estrategia que vincula el desarrollo económico y la seguridad alimentaria

Mercados Campesinos, a Strategy to link Economic Development and Food Security

With 30 years of operation, Mercados Campesinos is a government strategy which has managed to benefit more than 500 peasant families in the capital of Antioquia, through 21 selling points around the city. Mercados Campesinos [Peasant Markets] is a strategy … Read More

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Medellín, Ciudad del aprendizaje

Medellín Reaffirms its Position as a Learning City

Medellín becomes a worldwide example of best practices on education issues with the lowest dropout rate in its history reaching 2.9%. This is a result of policies and programs which seek to train citizens throughout their life cycle. This is … Read More

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Medellín promueve oportunidades de inversión y cooperación en Londres

Medellín Explores Investment and Cooperation Opportunities in London

ACI Medellín carried out a work agenda in the capital of the United Kingdom after the announcement of their interest in investing in Colombia. The United States and Spain have also demonstrated their interest in this issue. The agenda included … Read More

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Summit Trampoline Park Medellín

Summit Opens its Second Indoor Trampoline Park in Colombia

In November, Medellín will have a new space for healthy indoor entertainment with 100 trampolines and a wide range of activities for children, young people, and adults. In a 2,900 mt2 area, the park has a capacity for more than … Read More

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Semilleros Infantiles de Participación Ciudadana reciben premio en Portugal

The Child Workshops for Citizen Participation Program was Awarded in Portugal

The XV Congress of Educating Cities: “The city belongs to the people,” was held in Portugal, from November 13 to 16. Medellín participated with the project Child Workshops for Citizen Participation of the Medellín Mayor’s Office and managed by the … Read More

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Learnings from the Medellín Lab 2018

There is no doubt that the reflections, analyses and learnings left by the Medellín Lab 2018 will be of great use for the growth of the participating cities in this second edition of the laboratory of living experiences of Medellín. This … Read More

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InicioEl Gobierno Nacional, Medellín y el Foro Económico Mundial trabajan para la creación de un centro regional para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial. El Gobierno Nacional, Medellín y el Foro Económico Mundial trabajan para la creación de un centro regional para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial

The National Government, Medellín and the World Economic Forum work in the creation of a Regional Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Medellín continues to demonstrate its progress in terms of innovation and leadership in new technologies for Colombia and the region. A priority also being driven by the National Government. The Center will support the development of policy frameworks for the … Read More

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Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín

The Music Schools Network of Medellín will tour in the United States

A delegation of 80 students from Medellín will travel to the United States on the tour called Medellín Canción Viva to interpret the repertoire with the same name. They will visit Boston, Baltimore, New York and Washington and, in the … Read More

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Medellín se prepara para la segunda edición del MedellínLab

Medellín Prepares for the Second Edition of the Medellín Lab

Between October 28 and November 2, Medellín will be the stage for the largest city laboratory of living experiences, Medellín Lab 2018. It seeks to generate a dynamic exchange of experiences and learnings on successful solutions to problems shared among … Read More

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Decathlon opens the largest store in the country

Decathlon, the French chain dedicated to sale and distribute sports accessories and equipment, will provide Medellín and the metropolitan area with the most complete inventory and innovative spaces for testing products also referred to as “testing areas.” In this store, … Read More

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New Zealand’s Economic Capital and Medellín will Exchange Planning Experiences

Mr. Ludo Campbell-Reid, general manager of the Design Office of Auckland -economic capital of New Zealand- will visit Medellín. In 2016, Auckland, Vienna, Sidney, Medellin and Toronto were the nominees to receive the Lee Kuan Yew Award, which was awarded … Read More

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Conferencia Internacional de Ciudades del Aprendizaje de la Unesco

Medellín will host the IV UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities in 2019

Medellín was selected by UNESCO to host the International Conference on Learning Cities in 2019. In addition to this recognition, the World Cities Summit 2019 will be held in the city as a result of the Lee Kuan Yew Award … Read More

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ACI Medellín is a Model for La Guajira

A delegation from the department of La Guajira, located in northern Colombia, visited the facilities of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín. Their purpose was to approach ACI Medellín’s work methodology, … Read More

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