Medellín destacada por el Observatorio para la Innovación del Sector Público de la OCDE

OECD included two best practices of Medellín in its Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation – OPSI of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – OECD- highlighted MEData and Día Blanco, two best practices of Medellín for their innovation and inspiration in the promotion of research on open … Read More

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Según el ranquin fDi Intelligence del Financial Times, Medellín ocupa el cuarto lugar en estrategia de atracción de inversión extranjera

Medellín ranks fourth amongst the top American Cities of the Future in terms of Foreign Investment Strategy

Medellín is fourth in the ranking of American Cities of the Future by fDi Intelligence in the category foreign direct investment strategy. fDi Intelligence is a global market intelligence service specialized in investment, promotion, and economic development, of the British … Read More

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Medellín, sobresalió por su compromiso con la movilidad sostenible en Latam Mobility

Medellín stood out for its commitment to Sustainable Mobility in Latam Mobility

Between June 4 and 5, Medellín hosted the third Latin American Meeting on Sustainable Mobility Latam Mobility Summit 2019. This event was attended by more than 450 Latin American leaders. They discussed and designed strategies for the future of mobility … Read More

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Por qué Medellín en San Francisco

Medellín promotes foreign investment in San Francisco, California

On Monday, June 3, Ruta N and ACI Medellín will host the event Why Medellín? at WeWork’s facilities in San Francisco, United States. These spaces seek to show the strengths of the city as a destination for the investment of … Read More

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Latam Mobility en Medellín

Medellín, a Latin American hub of Sustainable Mobility

The capital of Antioquia will host the 3rd Latin American Meeting of Sustainable Mobility, the Latam Mobility Summit 2019. The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez and the Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, María Fernanda Suárez will be present … Read More

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New assisted living facility for elderly arrives in Medellín

Casa Nua MG, a project operator specialized in the elderly, sets its first assisted living project in Medellín as the beginning of its expansion plan in the country. Casa Nua San Lucas is their first project of this kind in … Read More

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WISE-QATAR recorrieron Medellín

Representatives of WISE-QATAR visited Medellín to learn about its Education and Innovation Ecosystem

The WISE – QATAR Foundation conducts studies and programs to promote innovation in education. WISE was created in 2009 by the Qatar Foundation under the ruling of His Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser. So far, they have held events in … Read More

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ciudades intermedias

Medellín will discuss the potential of intermediate cities in Colombia

The center of strategic thinking for the development and transformation of Medellín, the Aburrá Valley and Antioquia through Engineering and Architecture – SAI – will hold the first Seminar on Intermediate Cities and Port Cities. The event requires prior online … Read More

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The leading technology academy, Acamica, arrives in Medellín

Acamica consolidates its educational offer in Colombia with an initial investment of more than $ 300,000,000 and agile and highly certified innovative methodologies. The Argentinian technology academy is one of the most important in Latin America and it will offer … Read More

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Endava opens its second office in Medellín

“We believe in the talent of Latin America, in the quality of its professionals. That is why we see in Colombia the opportunity to develop first level technology centers thus, providing world-class services. The new office in Medellín is one … Read More

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Do you know ACI Medellín’s Media Outlet?

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area -ACI Medellin- has several communication channels that will help you to keep up to date with the main news in terms of international cooperation and foreign investment; also, … Read More

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Medellín takes the lead in Latin America’s Fourth Industrial Revolution

The capital of Antioquia will become a regional platform for the development of public policies and regulations for the implementation of technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will put Colombia at the forefront … Read More

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Medellín will attract American investment in Austin and Miami

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín, will present the reasons why Medellín is an ideal destination for foreign investment to businessmen and executives interested in investing in the city. This event … Read More

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La ACI Medellín recibe reconocimiento al Mérito Cívico de la Cámara Colombo Americana

AmCham awards ACI Medellín with the Civic Merit

The Director of ACI Medellín, Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, received the recognition from the hands of Carlos Quijano, Executive Director of the American Colombian Chamber Antioquia – Caldas Chapter. The Civic Merit highlights the fulfillment of duty towards the service and … Read More

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Teleperformance es el tercer generador de empleo en Colombia

Teleperformance is the third largest employer in Colombia

Teleperformance is a worldwide leader in customer service solutions with a presence in 80 countries, serving more than 170 markets and 25 years of experience in Colombia. They are considered as one of the five largest employers in Colombia and … Read More

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A Plan to Transform the Future

There is a combination of partnerships, technical knowledge and policies that are being developed to meet the SDGs and not leave anyone behind. An urgent and ambitious agenda. The plan to put the world on the path to a more … Read More

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Compañía inmobiliaria RE/MAX expande sus negocios en Medellín

RE/MAX expands its business in Medellín

The North American real estate firm RE/MAX arrived in Colombia in 2010 and currently has 35 offices and more than 350 associated agents. They opened their first facilities in Medellín in December 2018 and will open two new offices in … Read More

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Congreso de Movilidad Futura

The challenges of urban mobility were discussed in the First Future Mobility Congress held in Medellín

The Future Mobility Congress developed by the Medellín Mayor’s Office together with the EAFIT University, the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and the Despacio research center, presented the main challenges of the city in this area. The event was … Read More

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Medellín’s Green Corridors nominated to the Ashden 2019 International Awards

The 30 Green Corridors project has been chosen as one of the four projects in the long list of the Ashden 2019 Awards in the “Cooling for People” category for its contributions to improve the thermal sensation of Medellín. This … Read More

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Cooperación Internacional

Delegates of Jeonju, South Korea met Medellín’s Sustainable Mobility System

Delegates from Jeonju, South Korea, completed a mission in Medellín guided by the EDU, the Metropolitan Area, Metro, and Metroplús, to learn about the city’s sustainable mobility system. Their main objective was to understand how Medellín uses public transport to … Read More

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Novotel llegó a Medellín

Novotel arrives in Medellín

The French group Accor, the world’s leading operator in the travel and tourism sector, bought the Atton chain and changed the name of the El Tesoro shopping mall to Novotel. Novotel has 278 beds and the total operation sums up … Read More

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Informe de inversión en Medellín

Foreign direct investment has boosted Medellín’s Competitiveness

Special report on Investment: 2016, 2017, 2018: The interest Medellín generates to the world due to its social and urban transformation and constant innovation have become the gateway for entrepreneurs and investors to consider establishing their companies in the territory. … Read More

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Medellín nodo de conocimiento para el mundo

Medellín stands out as a good partner for international cooperation in the World

Special Report on Cooperation 2016, 2017, 2018 Medellín continues to generate interest amongst the international community in the development of new cooperation opportunities, mainly with those countries seeking allies to implement and develop programs and projects on peacebuilding, city transformation, … Read More

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Medellín continues to advance towards sustainable mobility

Medellín will have its first 100% electric taxi Medellín continues to progress in the implementation of a more efficient, modern, and environmentally friendly transport for everyone. In addition to the 64 electric buses which will arrive in the city in … Read More

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Metrocable de Medellín

Sustainable mobility, Medellín’s commitment to caring for the environment

On February 28, Medellín opened its fifth Metrocable for commuting. It is an environmentally friendly electrical system which already benefits more than 350,000 inhabitants of the Villa Hermosa and Buenos Aires neighborhoods, and which was financed by the Municipal Administration. … Read More

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The Power of the C40 Cities

Medellín is part of a select group of cities which work together to mitigate risks associated to climate change. This decision implies the execution of a wide portfolio of programs that will impact the life quality of people. According to … Read More

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What is the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

It is a space of trust and knowledge exchange for global cooperation. Also, it will be the perfect for the discussion about the latest trends and its technological applications, and the regulatory frameworks for different industries and countries in terms … Read More

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Medellín is comitted to Sustainable Energy

Converting trash into clean energy? This is what the project by the British company, Exergy, is betting on and proposed for Medellín. Thanks to ACI Medellín, the European company is working for the environmental preservation of the city and the … Read More

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El tránsito hacia alternativas limpias

Medellín: Moving Towards Clean Alternatives

The city is advancing on the implementation of an environmentally friendlier, more modern, efficient and healthier transport system for all. In her commute from her home in Belén La Palma, in southwest Medellín, to her office in El Poblado, Daniela … Read More

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Consulado de Perú en Medellín

The Republic of Peru opened its Consulate in Medellín

On February 20, Medellin welcomed the new Consulate of Peru, located at 7 South Street # 42-70 (Forum Building, office 415). The event was chaired by the Ambassador of Peru in Colombia, Ignacio Higuera Hare who affirms that the new … Read More

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