Medellín es la primera ciudad hermana de Puerto Morelos

Medellín is Puerto Morelos’ first twin city

Puerto Morelos (Mexico) and Medellín (Colombia) became twin cities on July 29, 2019. They decided to join forces to strengthen their friendship ties and achieve double-track cooperation on issues such as security and tourism. Puerto Morelos is a Mexican city … Read More

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WISE-QATAR recorrieron Medellín

Representatives of WISE-QATAR visited Medellín to learn about its Education and Innovation Ecosystem

The WISE – QATAR Foundation conducts studies and programs to promote innovation in education. WISE was created in 2009 by the Qatar Foundation under the ruling of His Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser. So far, they have held events in … Read More

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Cooperación Internacional

Delegates of Jeonju, South Korea met Medellín’s Sustainable Mobility System

Delegates from Jeonju, South Korea, completed a mission in Medellín guided by the EDU, the Metropolitan Area, Metro, and Metroplús, to learn about the city’s sustainable mobility system. Their main objective was to understand how Medellín uses public transport to … Read More

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Medellín nodo de conocimiento para el mundo

Medellín stands out as a good partner for international cooperation in the World

Special Report on Cooperation 2016, 2017, 2018 Medellín continues to generate interest amongst the international community in the development of new cooperation opportunities, mainly with those countries seeking allies to implement and develop programs and projects on peacebuilding, city transformation, … Read More

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Consulado de Perú en Medellín

The Republic of Peru opened its Consulate in Medellín

On February 20, Medellin welcomed the new Consulate of Peru, located at 7 South Street # 42-70 (Forum Building, office 415). The event was chaired by the Ambassador of Peru in Colombia, Ignacio Higuera Hare who affirms that the new … Read More

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Aporte de Medellín a la Agenda 2030

Our Contribution to the Achievement of the 2030 Agenda

Of the 231 indicators within the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – and the 200 outcome indicators that are part of the Medellín Cuenta con vos (Medellín Counts on You) 2016-2019” Development Plan, there are two indicators that are fundamental … Read More

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Gestión de Cooperación Internacional

ACI Medellín Works in Six Lines of International Cooperation

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín- manages and oversees international cooperation opportunities for public initiatives and programs of social impact. According to the origin of the resources for international cooperation, there … Read More

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Cooperación en Medellín

The Public Policy for International Cooperation, a roadmap towards development

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín carried out the lectures: “Let’s talk about the public policy of international cooperation in Medellín.” More than 14 civil society organizations attended the conference on “Public … Read More

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Medellín será la sede de la 49 Asamblea General de la OEA

Medellín will host the 49th OAS General Assembly

For the second time, Medellín is chosen to host the General Assembly of the Organization of American States – OAS. The decision was made by Resolution of that same entity, after Colombia stated its intention to host the meeting between … Read More

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ACI Medellín is a Model for La Guajira

A delegation from the department of La Guajira, located in northern Colombia, visited the facilities of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín. Their purpose was to approach ACI Medellín’s work methodology, … Read More

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La Embajadora de la Unión Europea estrecha relaciones con Medellín y Antioquia

The Ambassador of the European Union strengthens relations with Medellín and Antioquia

Between October 4 to 5, the Ambassador of the European Union in Colombia, Patricia Llombart, visits Medellín for the first time to deepening relations with the city and the department of Antioquia. They will focus on analyzing business opportunities and … Read More

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Cooperation Agreement with Korea will improve Medellín’s smart mobility system

Mayor Federico Gutiérrez traveled to Seoul, Korea, to sign the Letter of Intent with MOLIT and implement the Traffic Function Improvement Project in the city and to officially start cooperating between both entities. This Project seeks to implement three fundamental … Read More

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Barcelona and Medellín, a friendship that goes beyond borders

Friendship is feeling comfortable, talking and sharing with others. In Medellin and Barcelona’s case, ​​this friendship was born with a particular interest: to offer and provide to each other. It grew over time, up to the point that even new … Read More

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Revista LINK ACI Medellín

Link Magazine 2017 issue and the International Cooperation Video of the city are launched this week

On Thursday, December 14 at 6:30 pm, the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area will launch the latest issue of Link Magazine and the international cooperation video of the city in the Duque Arango Gallery. … Read More

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Medellín, Ciudad Educadora

Medellin is proud of being an educating city!

On November 30, Medellín and more than 500 members of the International Association of Educating Cities around the world will celebrate the Educating Cities Day. Medellin is part of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) since 2017 The celebration … Read More

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From November 29 to December 1, the XXII MERCOCIUDADES Summit, the most important network of local governments of Mercosur, takes place in Córdoba (Argentina). Carolina Bernal, ACI Medellín Deputy Director of Knowledge Management represented the city in the event and … Read More

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Medellín y Chapecó, hermanos por siempre

Chapecó and Medellín, brothers forever

November 29― Today, it’s now one year after the tragedy of the Chapecoense soccer team, an event that shocked the world and strengthened the ties between Chapecó (Brazil) and Medellín (Colombia). Both cities made this relationship official on May 10, … Read More

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Medellín will receive the Ninth Citizen Security Week

Between November 27 and December 1, the Ninth Citizen Security Week will be held in Colombia. The event will be in Bogota and Medellín The event is organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Vice Presidency of the Republic … Read More

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Fort Lauderdale proclaims November 21 as Medellín Day

United States ―  Fort Lauderdale has proclaimed November 21 as Medellín Day. The city honors Medellín on the 56th anniversary of their agreement of friendship and cultural, economic, social and political exchange. Among the exchange activities, both cities have signed a … Read More

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Transformación social de Medellín atre a funcionarios de Brasil

Medellín, a case study in social transformation and economic development issues

Between October 30 and 31, 12 mayors from the state of Minas Gerais visited ACI Medellín. They were interested in knowing the territorial transformation of the city driven by its economic development and which generates a propitious environment for innovation, … Read More

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Industrias Creativas de Argentina 2017

Medellín in the Market for Creative Industries of Argentina 2017

Medellín participated in the recent version of the Market for Creative Industries of Argentina, MICA, held in the Cultural Center of Science (C3) in Buenos Aires. From October 6 to 8, this event brought together governments and entrepreneurs from different … Read More

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Medellín Stands out in the Cities Conference for its Transformation

Medellín participated at the Cities Conference on Wednesday, October 4, at the ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile. The objective was to create a discussion around the relevance of the implementation mechanisms for sustainable urban development, public – private cooperation and … Read More

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Medellín asume el reto de ser una ciudad más incluyente y equitativa

Medellín Joined UNESCO’s Global Learning Network

Medellín joined UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities, thanks to an articulated strategy which places education as an axis to achieve great social transformations. This membership, awarded for the first time to a Colombian city, will allow us to share … Read More

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Tres expresidentes de América Latina se dieron cita en la ACI Medellín

Three Latin American Former Presidents Met at ACI Medellín

Former presidents of Bolivia, Uruguay and Guatemala visited ACI Medellín to expand their knowledge on investment and cooperation in Medellín. The three former leaders described ACI Medellín as an innovative institution and a model to be replicated in other countries … Read More

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Firma protocolaria acuerdo FAO - Alcaldía para Modelo de Comercio Local

The Mayor of Medellín and FAO Signed an Agreement to Improve Local Market

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, and the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to Colombia, Rafael Zavala Gómez del Campo, will sign an international partnership agreement to work jointly for the consolidation of a … Read More

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Fundación Probono y ACI Medellín

ProBono Foundation and ACI Medellín Will Share Knowledge with Local NGOs

On August 22, 2017, Probono Foundation will talk to representatives of NGOs in Antioquia during ACI Medellín Lectures. This is the third ACI Medellín Lecture in 2017. The first one was on peace and post-conflict issues and the second addressed … Read More

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ACI Medellín, a case study for the World Bank

The World Bank advised ACI Medellín in the development of new methodologies for knowledge management, reception of international delegations and the design of new investment and cooperation projects. ACI Medellín implemented the methodologies and lessons learned from the World Bank … Read More
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ACI Medellín Has Managed USD $ 1,629 Million in Foreign Investment During its 15 Years of Existence

USD 83 million on international cooperation The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín, held the Forum for Cooperation and Investment during the commemoration of its 15 years of work this last June 7. A … Read More
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XII Congreso Mundial Metrópolis

Due to its innovation and resilience, Medellín was invited to the XII Metropolis World Congress

The XII Metropolis World Congress (World Association of the Major Metropolises) was held in Montreal, Canada between June 19 and 22. Its central topic was “Global Challenges: Metropolis in Action.” Medellín, an active member of the international network, was represented … Read More

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