Medellín y Chapecó, hermanos por siempre

November 29― Today, it’s now one year after the tragedy of the Chapecoense soccer team, an event that shocked the world and strengthened the ties between Chapecó (Brazil) and Medellín (Colombia).

Both cities made this relationship official on May 10, 2017, through a twinning agreement. “The gratitude, solidarity, peace, harmony, respect for differences, overcoming difficulties and friendship, are feelings that will unite us forever, ” said the mayor of Chapecó, Luciano Buligom.

In this twinning, Medellín and Chapecó share a spirit of dialogue, peace and harmony and commit to constantly promote ethics, respect for differences and strengthening the bonds of friendship among its citizens through cultural, social, environmental and economic activities.

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín is in charge of establishing a permanent dialogue between the authorities of both cities, exploring cooperation opportunities, mainly in territorial planning, mobility, public transport, health and childhood.

Medellín Park in Chapecó

As a tribute to the victims of that tragic accident, a space to contemplate life is built in Chapecó. The Medellín Park will have a viewpoint, fenced boardwalks with benches, flowers, skate parks, public services, fountains, water mirror, flower beds, areas for sculptures and flags and a stage for different leisure and recreational activities.

Even the sky cried

Telemedellín broadcast on Sunday, November 26, the documentary “Hasta el cielo lloró” (Even the sky cried), a story told with the voices of the players, survivors, relatives and lifeguards involved in the tragedy of Chapecoense. It will be retransmitted on Tuesday, November 28 at 10:00 pm.

The mayor of Chapecó thanked the documentary and wrote:

“My brothers from Medellin. On November 29, we celebrated one year of the tragedy that shook all the people of Chapecó.

The tribute broadcasted on Telemedellín, the institutional channel of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, besides moving us, was a beautiful gesture which only reaffirmed the bond between two sister cities.
That is why today, I thank and acknowledge all the love you gave us in that tragic and painful moment.

You embraced us, gave us love, affection and from that moment we began to rebuild ourselves. The world recognizes that Medellín offered its best feelings for the reconstruction not only of Chapecoense, but to all Brazilian people.

Brothers forever. For always fraternity will unite us and in the most difficult moments we will remember the love of all of you.

Thank you very much.

Luciano Buligom
Mayor of Chapecó

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