Revista Link 2019

The seventh edition of Link Magazine is a compendium of content with relevant information about the work of the city to face the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It highlights the technological advances of the city on education, security, mobility, and finance.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a country challenge, and Medellín is the city chosen to take the leadership.

Medellín’s recognition is based on its innovation and its outstanding business dynamic. Also, the city invested 2.27% of its GDP in science, technology, and innovation, which places it above 0.9% of the average national and 1% of Latin America.

This is why the World Economic Forum chose the city to host the fifth Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which opened on April 2019 to prepare human talent and lead public policy issues that allow the country to enter the global community, strengthen the business sector, and acquire a long-term vision.

Therefore, ACI Medellín published the seventh edition of the LINK Magazine, a compendium of 14 articles on the challenge that the city has to work on these challenges and create new development projects.

We invite you to read this publication, in which you will find information about the city’s advances in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain. Also, the city’s progress on smart cities, its work for achieving online government, and transparency in public management, fight corruption, among other objectives.

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