Industrias Creativas de Argentina 2017

Medellín participated in the recent version of the Market for Creative Industries of Argentina, MICA, held in the Cultural Center of Science (C3) in Buenos Aires. From October 6 to 8, this event brought together governments and entrepreneurs from different countries to hold discussions about industries such as the performing arts, audiovisual, design, publishing, music and video games.

MICA (in Spanish) allows entrepreneurs of creative industries to access new business opportunities and expand their sales.

For three days, the city was represented by the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín. This space allowed them to learn about the best practices of the cultural sector and its creative economy.

During the event, 4,000 sectorial business conferences, presentations and workshops were attended by 1,500 entrepreneurs.

This was MICA’s fourth version, the ideal space to learn from creative business and to discuss about the cultural undertakings of the participating countries and other governmental bodies from Argentina.

“In this event we have a two-way exercise in which we get close and cooperate with Argentina. We will show them our experience on urban equipment for culture and our knowledge about their creative industries,” said Diego Vélez, Senior Professional of ACI Medellín.

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