Medellín, sobresalió por su compromiso con la movilidad sostenible en Latam Mobility

Between June 4 and 5, Medellín hosted the third Latin American Meeting on Sustainable Mobility Latam Mobility Summit 2019. This event was attended by more than 450 Latin American leaders. They discussed and designed strategies for the future of mobility in the region.

Betting on comprehensive electric mobility which involves different public and private actors is one of the goals of Medellín towards the implementation of environmentally friendly transportation systems.

Latam Mobility was the ideal stage for Medellín to present, from the voice of its mayor, how the city conceives mobility from the perspectives of sustainability and social inclusion: “the future of cities depends on how we move and, in that sense, Medellín understood that besides physical infrastructure and the use of clean technologies, public transport systems allow transforming territories with social investment,” the mayor said.

The city aims to privilege pedestrians and promote the use of bicycles; to the modernization of public transport and the use of clean technologies.

The local leader highlighted the vision of Medellín, that of becoming the capital of electric mobility in Latin America and its link to the international network of cities C40 (Climate Leadership Group), for which he serves as vice president for his leadership in climate change.

Latam Mobility Summit 2019, also featured presentations by prominent public representatives such as the Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, María Fernanda Suárez and the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ricardo Lozano. Likewise, executives of companies from the energy and automotive sectors and experts in sustainable mobility met in panels to address this issue and strengthen business synergies for the development of Colombian and Latin American cities.

The organizers of Latam Mobility confirmed their interest in returning to Medellín by 2020.

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