Casa Nua MG, a project operator specialized in the elderly, sets its first assisted living project in Medellín as the beginning of its expansion plan in the country. Casa Nua San Lucas is their first project of this kind in the city. It is located in El Poblado and will start operations in August 2019, advised by Active Living International and CES University

Casa Nua is a platform for residential projects with comprehensive solutions for the elderly, in which they will receive specialized attention and lodging. The residents will have health and recreation programs, physical activities, food, a library, education, culture, among other welfare components.

The project responds to global trends of increasing population age and the demand for solutions for an increasingly active age group with possibilities to explore new options to enjoy their adult years. In Colombia, the percentage of people over 60 years old represents 9.23% of the total population, according to data from the last census of 2018.

Medellin was chosen for its good development conditions: high levels of services for the elderly, specialized human talent, a favorable climate for their well-being and institutional support through the public policy of aging and old age, materialized in the Gerontological Plan 2017-2027 of the Medellín Mayor’s Office.

Bernardo Azuaje, a founding partner of Casa Nua, highlighted Medellín’s investment potential and its good real estate valuation, which favors infrastructure and the acquisition of services.


  1. Maria Cecilia Cano

    Colombian dream of sorts as I plan my retirement! Where can one get more information, please?
    ¡Qué buena opción para los que llevamos mucho tiempo fuera de Colombia y queremos vivir de nuevo en Medellín! Thank you!

  2. Magdalena Jaimes

    Is this place for active seniors?

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