Sos Paisa, una red que le da la vuelta al mundo

The Sos Paisa network was born in 2004 to connect the countries abroad with their cities, it is an initiative of the Medellin Mayor’s Office, led by the ACI Medellín, which seeks to be a scenario of dissemination of the transformation of the city to connect with the countries abroad, and thus invite them to be part of the network, and contribute to local development through the transfer of knowledge or donations that contribute to the quality of life of the inhabitants of Medellín.

Between 2016 and 2019, the network reached an unprecedented international projection. Actions such as updating the website to effectively connect the Paisas with their home city, the increase in the number of followers on social networks, the strategic exhibition of Medellín as an innovative city, and holding meetings with people from Antioquia living abroad, made the network to be recognized as a connection space with the city and a bridge to make contributions to Medellín.

In these four years, the network reached an outstanding projection and dynamism with 57 contributions from Paisas living abroad and 24 meetings in 22 cities around the world.

Sos Paisa proposes a series of activities that guarantee, not only the permanence and participation of the old members, but the arrival of new paisas to the network; These activities include meetings with foreign countries, and international promotion campaigns.

In 2016, the network achieved six contributions from Paisas and held three meetings in Melbourne, Sydney (Australia) and Barcelona (Spain).

In 2017, the network held eight meetings with Paisas in Caracas (Venezuela), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Pompano Beach (USA), Madrid (Spain), Guadalajara (Mexico) and Mexico City, which was attended by a total of 115 paisas. Likewise, 14 countries contributed to the network.

For the year 2018, there were meetings with paisas in the following cities: Bangkok (Thailand), Lima (Peru), Santiago de Chile, New York and San Francisco (United States), Monterrey (Mexico), Quito (Ecuador), and London (England), which reached 209 paisas. That same year, a record figure was reached with 20 contributions from foreign resident countries.

Finally, in 2019, 91 Paisas attended five meetings in Austin and Washington (United States), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), and La Paz (Bolivia).

Mayor Federico Gutiérrez met with the Paisa network in New York (2018), San Francisco (2018) and Washington (2019).

In these 4 years, Sos Paisa got stronger and took a little piece of Medellín to the people from Antioquia living abroad. The network will continue to grow to connect the city with the countries around the world.

The Sos Paisa network (@sospaisa) is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.




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