La Embajadora de la Unión Europea estrecha relaciones con Medellín y Antioquia

Between October 4 to 5, the Ambassador of the European Union in Colombia, Patricia Llombart, visits Medellín for the first time to deepening relations with the city and the department of Antioquia. They will focus on analyzing business opportunities and investment in the framework of the EU-Colombia Trade Agreement after five years of implementation.

The mission will also address cooperation issues such as education, tourism, environment and press freedom within the framework of the Gabriel García Márquez Award and Festival of journalism.

ACI Medellín and the Embassy coordinated a work agenda which included meetings with: representatives of the binational chambers of commerce of the European, organizations such as Procolombia, Proantioquia, Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburra Valley, Analdex and Agrofuturo, among other. Likewise, the Ambassador had the opportunity to talk with the Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga about the cooperation and investment possibilities in the city.

“We want to promote business contacts and find ways to advance an agenda between the E.U. and Antioquia. These new opportunities are accompanied by a European commitment to sustainable rural development in Colombia; a strong support for the peace process; the generation of employment; the protection of human rights and support for the competitiveness and development of small and medium company,” explained Ambassador Llombart.

About Ambassador Patricia Llombart

“Jurist and Euro-enthusiast by conviction. She was born in Valencia, Spain and did her master’s degrees in international trade and European studies. Llombart has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of international relations and foreign policy in the European Union. She has worked in the directorates for Latin America and the Middle East and oversaw Mercosur countries, Iran and Iraq; Gulf and Yemen Cooperation. The Ambassador was also part of the Cabinet of the Vice-President of the Commission and of the European Commissioner in charge of external relations. In her most recent position, before being appointed Ambassador in Colombia, she was Director of Infrastructure, Budget and Security at the headquarters of the European External Action Service (EEAS). Source: Embassy of the European Union in Colombia.

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