Nanolabs Accenture en Medellín

The multinational Accenture choose Medellín to open its new NanoLabs facilities. It will allow the city to apply technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of things and Data Analytics, which will put it on a competitive spot along with countries like China, Israel, Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Between October and November, the company will start the operation of the NanoLabs at the Ruta N facilities, a place where they have been operating since April 2018 and from which it plans to collaborate with the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The one in Medellín will be connected to the global network, which will make the city a reference for the region.

“We are sure that as long as our city is connected to the world, works to generate technological advances, seeks to advance in the development of clean energies and increase business competitiveness, we will be able to build a better Medellín,” said mayor Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga.

The decision of installing the NanoLabs in the city, responds to the world’s interest in Medellín’s public policies to favor the development of a technology-and-innovation-based industry as well as its support for business growth and human talent.

“Now, with the opening of the Nano Laboratory within the Center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Medellín, we are sure that we will be able to grow in global competitiveness,” said Accenture President Marco Ribas.

The Nano Lab is a space to inspire and guide with avant-garde innovations through new technologies and other emerging ones, also, developments in artificial intelligence, digital experiences, systems, platforms, cybersecurity, among others, will be enhanced. The laboratory will be connected with iNNpulsa Colombia to strengthen the country’s enterprises in these areas. This joins 25 Nano Labs around the world.

“The objective is to make Medellín a regional engine of innovation as part of a global network promoted by the World Economic Forum, and generate over 2,000 jobs with high added value and level of knowledge in the next five years,” the local leader said.

Foreign companies set their eyes on Medellín.

Thanks to the management of the Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín, the city ranked fourth in attracting foreign investment in fDi Intelligence’s ranking of future American cities in the category Foreign Direct Investment Strategy.

New York, Chicago, and Montreal are the top three on the list. Medellín is the first Latin American city in the ranking. The publication highlights the privileged position for the significant investment in creative industries, infrastructure, construction, tourism, textiles, health services and industries 4.0.

Written by Medellín Mayor’s Office

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