Cooperación en Medellín

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, ACI Medellín carried out the lectures: “Let’s talk about the public policy of international cooperation in Medellín.”

More than 14 civil society organizations attended the conference on “Public Policy for International Cooperation of Medellín” which took place from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Software Incubator.

The meeting addressed issues such as International cooperation, the National Development Plan, the main issues for managing cooperation, recommendations for the mobilization of resources in social organizations, and access and use of the ACI Cooperation Platform.

The organizations had a space to share their needs and experiences in international cooperation to establish alliances and achieve networking among the attendees.

“Beyond the public policy we are talking about how to access international cooperation and some tips for organizations to learn how to approach it. Breaking paradigms is very important because cooperation is not only financial but also technical. Also, it is important to articulate actors so that the organizations understand there is a public policy they can rely on to have an effective and efficient cooperation not only in Medellín but throughout the region,” said Catalina Escobar, co-founder of Makaia and supporter of the event.

Also, there was an opportunity to socialize the International Cooperation Platform operated by ACI Medellín, a useful tool for civil society organizations.

“ACI Medellín carries out strategic activities to develop international cooperation and effectively impact the programs and projects of the Municipal Administration, a very important task to improve the quality of life of citizens. In this sense, our work is complementary to the management carried out by many organizations in the city, and that is why ACI Medellín seeks to strengthen them and guide them towards a good performance,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

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