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Invest in Medellín

Medellín attracts everyone with its continuous progress, its remarkable economic development and for being one of the best cities to do business in the region


International Cooperation

We promote the establishment of cooperative alliances, which strengthen the development of the city and the region.


Medellín Lab

Medellín is a living laboratory of innovations, and now – thanks to the agreement with the World Bank, it is a knowledge hub in Latin America

Plan Your Visit

Medellín is constantly generating spaces for knowledge exchange, strengthening local and international relations and promoting opportunities for cooperation and foreign investment. This is the events and meetings calendar of ACI Medellín.

july, 2022

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Testimonials from local and international visitors in Medellín

Novotel has to be in the most important cities in the world, that's why we are in Medellín
Franck PruvostManager of general mid & economy lines for South America
The Fourth Revolution changes not only the physical but the biological and the technological, and not only what we do, but what we are
Klaus Schwab CEO and founder of the World Economic Forum
Medellín can become a Silicon Valley
Matthew SwiftCEO, Concordia
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