Civil society organizations are institutions that contribute to the achievement of a common good, such as providing education to vulnerable populations, protecting children and adolescents, providing health services, addressing climate emergencies, improving quality of life of the elderly, promoting solutions to eradicate poverty, promoting culture and sports, protecting the environment, among hundreds of other causes.

On November 21, a large group of civil society organizations attended the event Medellín and its Allies.

ACI Medellín is conscious of the vital work of these organizations. In that sense, the agency held the event ‘Medellín and its Allies.’ The event opened with a conference focused on impact management and its indicators on behalf of Teresa Marcaida. Then, it continued to deliver five awards to organizations for their work on the SDGs.

The 2030 Agenda is based on five fundamental dimensions which include the most critical development goals for the planet. ACI Medellín chose to award the following organizations:

  • People Category: Marina Orth Foundation with the “4WARD STEM” project for its contribution to SDG 4: quality education. ACI Medellín highlights the relevance and trajectory in the social development programs of this project.
  • Planet Category: Salva Terra Foundation project “Maintaining mineralized agroecological gardens.” which impacts the performance of the ODS 12: production and responsible consumption.
  • Prosperity Category: Comité Privado de Asistencia a la Niñez – PAN [Private Child Assistance Committee], with its “Building the future” project, for its contribution to compliance with SDG 10: reducing inequalities by promoting scenarios for inclusion, equity, and prosperity.
  • Peace Category: Convivamos Corporation with the project “Urban women influencing on Peacebuilding,” for their contribution to SDG 16: peace, justice, and strong institutions.
  • Alliances Category: the Américas Foundation for its project “Operation Walk International – hip and knee prostheses,” contributing to the SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the objectives.

“The SDGs are the roadmap to achieve a more peaceful, safer, and sustainable world. Besides acknowledging social sector organizations, we wanted to share knowledge about the importance of measuring the results of the programs and projects for the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda,” said Catalina Restrepo Carvajal, Executive Director of ACI Medellín.

“Evaluation is the only way to guarantee that organizations fulfill their mission and objectives to improve the society in which we live,” said Teresa Marcaida, an international consultant expert in impact measurement.

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