Compañía inmobiliaria RE/MAX expande sus negocios en Medellín

The North American real estate firm RE/MAX arrived in Colombia in 2010 and currently has 35 offices and more than 350 associated agents. They opened their first facilities in Medellín in December 2018 and will open two new offices in Laureles and Envigado.

The international real estate company RE/MAX, with more than 40 years in the market, continues its expansion plan in Medellín with the opening of new offices.

RE/MAX included Medellín in their expansion plan for its real estate potential, its projection as a destination for the foreign market, the country’s political and economic conditions, and the availability of human talent, among others. “Colombia’s talent, especially the one in Medellín, is key for our project. We want to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit which is key in our way of doing things,” says María Eugenia Hermelo, general manager of the company.

Since December 2018, they started operations in Medellín with its RE/MAX Coffee Realty, a collaborative and experiential space which offers their agents a place to develop real estate businesses.

Its operations in the city consist of facilitating the real estate purchase and sale in the local and international market. This is possible due to the connection with its worldwide network of 8,500 offices in 105 countries.RE/MAX brings to Medellín a professional real estate brokerage model which benefits buyers, sellers, investors, builders, and developers.

The Role of ACI Medellín

The company acknowledges the role of ACI Medellín during its exploration and installation process in the city and highlights the importance of being clear about the conditions and advantages for foreign investment in the territory. Also, they value ACI Medellín’s support in positioning them in the local market, attracting and connecting them with investors to strengthen their relationship.

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